Bereavement Support Payment Contact Number

Important: Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. We will connect your call directly to the Bereavement Service Helpline helpline. We are not associated with Bereavement Service Helpline.

Using the Bereavement Support Payment Contact Number

If you experience the loss of your husband, wife, or civil partner, you may be eligible to claim Bereavement Support Payment for a certain duration. Your eligibility depends on factors such as your age, personal circumstances, and the details surrounding your deceased partner. To inquire about this benefit or discuss making a claim, you can call 0844 556 9346, a Bereavement Support Payment contact number accessible to people across the country. While no amount of financial support can alleviate the emotional pain from losing a loved one, this government benefit aims to provide some financial relief during the challenging initial weeks and months following your loss. It is worth exploring if you believe you may qualify for a claim.

Criteria for Bereavement Support Payment Eligibility

Bereavement Allowance Contact NumberAs stated earlier, various factors determine your eligibility for Bereavement Support Payment if you decide to file a claim. If you prefer speaking with someone over the phone rather than reading, you can call the aforementioned bereavement service helpline number and ask your questions to a compassionate team member who manages this benefit. However, if you seek general information and want to learn more about Bereavement Support Payment before making a call, the concise list of crucial factors below, along with the following FAQ, will be helpful.
  • Your Age – You must have been 45 years or older at the time of death, but still under the current applicable state pension age, use this state pension age checker to be sure.
  • Your Relationship Status – If you remarry or form a civil partnership with somebody else, you will not be entitled to claim this benefit. This rule also applies if you are living with someone as if you were married or in a civil partnership. Most widows and widowers will, of course, not be affected by this particular factor but we mention it here for the sake of completeness.
  • Whether You Have Any Dependent Children or Not – If you are still bringing up children in your home, you cannot claim this particular benefit but you could still be eligible for Widowed Parent’s Allowance so it is worth calling the government benefits experts to discuss your situation no matter what your parental status happens to be. If you do not have dependent children, you should call the Bereavement Support number to speak to someone about making a claim; if, on the other hand, you think that your children are considered as dependants by the state, calling the department that deals with Widowed Parent’s Allowance is your best option. In the event you should call the wrong number, the people you speak with will be more than happy to tell you who you should be speaking to in order to get the information you need.
  • Your Partner’s Previous Employment Status – If your deceased partner was making National Insurance payments at the time of his or her death, you should be entitled to claim Bereavement Support. If they died due to either industrial accident or disease, you should be entitled to make a claim regardless of their N.I. contribution status. To clarify whether you qualify for the benefit according to this particular consideration, call the Bereavement Support phone number and ask for help.

FAQ Regarding Bereavement Support Payments and Associated Benefits

Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions about bereavement benefits:

  • How Long Will I Receive Payments? – The Bereavement Support Payment is payable for up to 52 weeks from the date that your wife, husband, or civil partner passes away.
  • How Much Will I Get? – If you were already receiving Child Benefit when your partner passed away (or didn’t get it but should have), you’ll be eligible for the higher rate. That means you can expect an initial payment of £3,500, and up to 18 monthly payments of £350. If you weren’t entitled to Child Benefit and you weren’t pregnant when your partner passed away, you’ll receive the lower rate. In this case, you’ll get a first payment of £2,500 and up to 18 monthly payments of £100. Just remember, it’s important to claim within 12 months of your partner’s passing to receive that first payment. If you claim after that period, you’ll only be eligible for the monthly payments.
  • How Do I Make a Claim? – You can either complete a form, which is available online or by post, or you can make a claim by phone. If you decide on the latter course of action, you can start your new claim by calling the bereavement service helpline during office hours. Lines are manned from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excepting official holidays.
  • What if I Am Claiming Other Benefits? – You will still be able to make a claim if you are currently in receipt of other government benefits but you may find that the amount you receive for this or other benefits is affected by your claim.

When to Call the Bereavement Benefit Contact Number

As soon as you feel able to deal with the matter, it is a good idea to talk to someone in a position of authority about making a claim for this benefit. You may not feel like doing anything practical at such a difficult time in your life but a little financial aid could help to ease the stress that you feel following the death of a partner with whom you enjoyed many happy times.

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