DVLA Welsh Language

Important: Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. We will connect your call directly to the DVLA helpline. We are not associated with DVLA.

How Can I Get In Touch With The DVLA Welsh Language Team?

Depending upon your query, you can either call the DVLA Welsh helpline directly, or if you wish to give feedback or make an enquiry to the Welsh Language Scheme, you can use the above telephone number and address at your convenience.  The Welsh Language Team accepts and welcomes correspondence in both English and Welsh – meaning that you are always free to get in touch in the language you feel comfortable writing in.

Welsh Language Scheme – A Guide

The DVLA is based in Swansea, Wales, and as such they have set up their systems and processes to cater to both English and Welsh speaking customers.  This means that, should Welsh be your first language and you are having trouble navigating the DVLA’s websites and policies or communicating with generic DVLA staff, you can call the DVLA Welsh number for direct access to an advisor who will be able to speak to you.  For anyone speaking Welsh this service is very useful indeed – and it is part of a wider scheme that has been set up to ensure that both Welsh and English are approached with the same coverage and care.  There are a host of contacts and departments you can call and write to for support and to give feedback – and we aim to guide you through these processes.

What is the DVLA Welsh Language Scheme?

The aim of the DVLA Welsh Language Scheme is to endeavour to provide all Welsh speakers with the same access to help, support and services that are already available to English speakers.  With headquarters and roots in Swansea, it is no surprise that the DVLA are aware of and are keen to provide dedicated Welsh language support to those who require it.  The DVLA not only provides a direct DVLA Welsh number for you to call for support, but also ensures that documentation and items such as licensing data is offered in a bilingual format.

This, too, means that the DVLA welcome correspondence in both English and Welsh, as well as providing promotional material and public information in both languages for the reference of speakers throughout the UK.  Licensing and websites, too, fall under the DVLA Welsh Language Scheme – meaning that there will be a translation readily available for you on request.  In short, the scheme exists to support Welsh language speakers as freely as possible – allowing all to access essential data and information in two separate languages.

How Can the DVLA help Welsh Speakers?

The DVLA Welsh helpline is just one of many ways through which the DVLA has set up its Welsh language help network.  Welsh speakers will now find that important documentation, public materials and more besides are fully translated, meaning that the DVLA operates a bilingual approach to assisting the public with any enquiries.  Beyond this, there are only a handful of elements which may remain solely English-based – but these are more detailed documentation required on an ad-hoc basis.  DVLA Welsh support is outlined clearly as part of the main website’s DVLA Welsh Language Scheme page – which goes into further details about how they intend to support Welsh speakers through direct service and a bilingual approach to materials they produce.

Is There a Welsh phone number?

While the DVLA Welsh initiative has sought to cover the majority of bases when it comes to bilingualism in the UK, they have also provided a direct number for Welsh speakers to call should they wish to receive further help with their vehicle or licensing in their first language.  You can call the DVLA Welsh line at any time between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and between 8am and 2pm on Saturdays.

This helpline is bolstered by automated Welsh messages and a full staff specialised in speaking the language – meaning that a quick call to this side of DVLA is nice and straightforward for anyone looking for an alternative to the English support available elsewhere.  The DVLA Welsh number is an essential beacon of support for Welsh drivers everywhere.

How Else Can I Get Help in Welsh?

As well as offering direct support via the DVLA Welsh phone number, the DVLA support the Welsh language and its speakers through the vast majority of its public material.  This means that Welsh readers and speakers will be able to get bilingual support with licensing, website queries and important documentation as standard – there’s no need to pursue for further assistance unless you have a specific query.  If you do have a particular question or concern, you are always free to call the DVLA Welsh number, and a Welsh-speaking team member will come to your aid as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the DVLA mainly has their bilingual support rolled out and covered – there’s little need to extra help to be sought unless you have a specific concern, particularly as translations and extra support is readily offered as standard.  The DVLA also holds a similar approach when it comes to hiring, meaning that DVLA Wales jobs are offered and supported in both Welsh and English for those who wish to apply.

Does the Scheme Accept Feedback?

The DVLA is always evolving and greatly appreciates any constructive feedback and concerns that you may be able to offer.  For any feedback directly related to the DVLA’s Welsh language coverage, you are encouraged to email the Welsh Language Unit Manager via [email protected].  If you have further concerns, the DVLA advise that their standard complaints procedure will apply.  However, there are further details for the DVLA Welsh Language Scheme available which you may find particularly useful.

The direct number for the scheme – external to the DVLA Welsh line – is 01792 782 450 – and you can write to the team in charge of Welsh language implementation via the following address:

Welsh Language Scheme Co-ordinator

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Corporate Affairs Directorate D16

Longview Road