Government Departments

This is an unofficial information guide, giving you the latest information on the various government departments in the UK. It has never been more important to make sure you’re receiving all the help that you’re entitled to.

We have gathered all the information you could possibly need, including relevant contact numbers and addresses, to make sure you’re claiming all of the welfare benefits you deserve. You will also find guidance on how to claim and information about how to appeal if you are unhappy with a decision.


Tax and HMRC

There are many types of tax in the UK and even more reasons you may need to seek help when it comes to money matters.

Income tax is payable on your earnings and with the vast majority of people in the UK being employed or self employed it can be difficult to know whether you’re paying the right amount, who to pay it to, and when to pay by. Add inheritance tax, council tax, tax credits, national insurance and benefits into the mixture and you’ll see why sometimes it’s reassuring to know there are helpful numbers to hand.

Tax issues are broadly overseen by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, or HMRC but there may be occasions when you have to get in touch with another department. Here are some useful numbers to find a solution to your tax and money matters.

If you are self-employed or earn over £100,000 per year you will need to complete a Self-Assessment form for HMRC. To speak to an adviser you can call the Self Assessment Contact Number on 0843 506 0435.

HM Revenue & Customs oversee tax collection, issue some of the UK’s welfare benefits and regulate the national minimum wage among other things. Although there are many online services available, there are often times where you’ll need to get in touch with a representative. Whether you’re an employee, employer, self employed or just looking to make a general enquiry or complaint, you can find out how to get in touch here.

Low Income Benefits

Find out which Low Income Benefits you are entitled to, if you earn a low amount.

Financial assistance and services are offered to those on a low income to help with the numerous costs of living in todays society. Below you can find more information about eligibility, how to make a claim, appeal a decision, how to get in touch with various departments of HMRC and DWP and which telephone numbers to call.

We know how difficult it can be to claim the low income benefits you’re entitled to, so we’ve made the following information as simple as possible in order to help you get the process started in a swift and painless manner.

Working Tax Credit is in place to help people on low income salaries boost their earnings in order to support themselves better. Find out if you’re eligible using this useful guide.

Budgeting Loans are different from normal benefits in that they have to be repaid to the Social Fund. This interest free loan is designed for unaffordable expenses which arise while you’re claiming means-tested benefits. Find out how to get help with new and existing applications, appeal a decision or make a general enquiry.

Income Support is an important welfare benefit which offers financial support to those who earn a low income. Here you can check the current criteria in order to claim, find out more about starting a new application and who you should call if you would like to appeal a decision.

Jobseeker’s allowance, or ‘JSA’ is designed to assist UK claimants with the cost of living while looking for work and is one of the most widely claimed benefits in the country. The JSA Contact Number can help you with new claims, enquiries about an existing claim, complaints and much more.

Help with your rent is available if you satisfy the criteria but how do you go about starting a claim? How much will you be eligible for? Answers to these questions or any other general enquiries can be found by calling the Housing Benefit Contact Phone Number.

Disability Benefits

Living with a disability can be difficult enough, without the worry of which benefit you should be applying for.

We’ve listed everything you should know about the disability benefits and services currently available and how to get started with your claim, or to make an appeal if your application was declined.

Below you will find information about all of the programs available to help you not only with the extra costs of living due to your disability, but also the support lines available should you need to speak with a qualified member of the team regarding any concerns you may have.

Carer’s allowance is a benefit to help dedicated carers claim around £62.70 per week. Usually you are also entitled to claim National Insurance credits every week which contribute towards your pension if you’re under pension age.

The Personal Independence Payment is a welfare benefit issued to UK citizens who need help with some of the extra costs which arise when living with a disability. The PIP Contact Number will put you in touch with the Department for Work and Pensions, who can provide more information on the benefit or process a new claim. Find out more about the benefit which is gradually replacing the Disability Living Allowance here.

Learn more about the benefits available to you if you are living with a disability and how calling the DLA Contact Number can help with enquiries, claims and appeals.

Employment and Support Allowance encompasses the Income Support and Incapacity Benefits, but what does that mean to you? Find out more about eligibility, new claims, making a change to your existing claim and how the ESA Contact Number can help you.

National Insurance

In order to qualify for benefits while living in the UK, you must pay National Insurance contributions until you reach State Pension age.

Here you can find information about National Insurance, including who to contact if you would like to apply for a NI number or what to do if you’ve lost your card. Whether you’re employed, self employed or currently claiming benefits – the information and contact numbers listed here will help you to find the answers to your questions.

National Insurance is a contribution paid to the government by those in employment or earning an income through self-employment. The amount you pay will vary depending on your income. Your payments entitle you to some state benefits so if you ever find yourself out of work or having to claim disability benefits then you will be covered as a result of your contributions. Here you can find out more about national insurance rates, contributions, state pensions, what to do if you’ve lost your card and more. Find answers to your N.I. questions or get in touch with the National Insurance helpline.

Tax Credits

Benefits and Tax Credits including Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, How to claim, renew and more.

If you are a parent and you work, you are probably eligible for the childcare portion of Working Tax Credit which is more commonly known as Child Tax Credit. This is in place to help working parents with the cost of essential services such as childcare.

Universal Credit

The newest benefit introduced as part of the Welfare Reform.

Replacing a number of low-income benefits, it is now available in most towns and cities. For general information, to find out if your local Jobcentre Plus is accepting applications or whether you’re eligible to claim, read more here.

Universal Credit merged six existing low income benefits into one payment, which even allows you to work while you claim. Find out more about how and when you’ll be affected by the change, how much you’ll be eligible for and how the Universal Credit Contact Number can assist you.

Other Benefits

Here you can find out more about the other benefits available in the UK.

These include Family Benefits and other types of financial support which may be available to you if you find yourself in difficult circumstances.

New and expecting mums are usually eligible for Sure Start benefit allowance to help mums spend more time with their babies without suffering financially due to being out of work or simply due to the cost of maintaining a healthy baby.

Bereavement Allowance is in place to help people deal with the loss of loved ones financially. If a loved one does pass away it is possible that you may be able to claim bereavement allowance for a certain period of time.

Maternity Allowance is designed to help you with your finances if you don’t qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay. You may be able to claim if you’ve been pregnant for more than 26 weeks. Find out more about how to apply, and what to do if you have a problem or need help.

Child Support Agency

Everything you need to know about the benefits and services offered by the Child Support Agency, or ‘CSA’.

There are a number of departments to contact based on the nature of your enquiry so please make sure you select the correct telephone number for your query.

The helplines are available to answer any questions you have relating to child maintenance; you can ensure the smoothest possible outcome to your enquiry by dialling the correct contact number for your concerns.

Payments can be arranged either through the Child Support Agency or the Child Maintenance Service, whether you’re a lone parent seeking financial assistance from an absent party or you want to set up payments for a child you no longer live with.

If you need to contact the CSA (Child Support Agency) for any enquiries or wish to find out more about Child Maintenance Allowance, take a look here at how to get started.

Child Benefit

Child Benefit is a welfare payment to help parents and families with the cost of raising children. It can be difficult to find out whether you’re eligible, how much you can claim and what to do if things don’t go to plan.

Here you will find a guide to your child benefit claim whether you’re a new or existing claimant. Getting in touch with the team at the Child Benefit office is simple, click below to find out more.

The numbers listed here will help you connect to the right team. When calling the helpline, please ensure you listen carefully to the available options and select the option most appropriate to your enquiry.

Parents and Carers can call the Child Benefit Contact Number for assistance and information on this UK benefit, designed to help adults with the cost of caring for a child or a young adult in education. Call today to find out whether you can claim, how much you’ll get and more.


The government department for all things motoring.

The organisation responsible for the upkeep of a database of UK drivers and vehicles. It forms a part of the DfT and also manages Driving Licenses, Road Tax and private number registration plates.