Housing Benefit Contact Number

Important: Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. We will connect your call directly to the UK Government helpline. We are not associated with UK Government.

Get Help by Calling the Housing Benefit Contact Number

In case you have to pay rent and your current income is not enough to provide you with the means of acceptably covering that amount, call the housing benefit contact number to find out if you are eligible for receiving assistance with your rent and living costs. The number advertised on this page is a connection service, the official number for housing benefit can be found in the public domain or by clicking here.

Calling the Housing Benefit Contact Number: What People Ask

Housing Benefit Contact NumberFinancially, it can sometimes be difficult to keep a roof over your head. Whether you are currently unemployed or earning a low income, or if your case entails special circumstances – such as your savings amount being below a certain limit – you can call the helpline on 0800 055 6688 to get help with paying your rent.

Calls to the phone number above will cost no more than 7p / minute plus your operator’s access charge. If you’re using another network provider or dialling from a mobile then you may be charged more. If you’re navigating the website using a mobile device, we’ve made it simple for you to get in touch – just tap the button at the top of the page!

The Advantages of Calling for Support

Gaining access to the right information regarding your options of receiving housing benefits will help you avoid the hassle of visiting your local council for support and help you prepare all the necessary documents for your claim. By simply calling the telephone number presented above, you can gain significant insight about all the most important requirements for obtaining a positive result. The dedicated customer service team are known to be extremely helpful and will be sure to answer any concerns or complaints you may have.

The housing benefit contact number can provide you with assistance from a professional team of experts regarding a wide range of different issues. A few of the most important ones are depicted as follows:

  • You can find out whether or not you’re eligible to submit your file for obtaining financial assistance with your rent.
  • You will also be able to learn about the application form and how you can easily fill it in and submit it either online or by post. Also, you may learn about other ways to claim that do not entail submitting a form.
  • Through the helpline, you will also learn how you can get help with your rent and housing costs even if your benefits stop.
  • By calling the Housing Benefit contact phone number, you can also learn about any recent updates regarding whether or not circumstances have changed and your local council can review your case with better results.
  • Find out how much help you’re entitled to.
  • Chasing nonpayment, or a late or delayed payment.

Eligibility Issues

One of the most crucial aspects of obtaining support through housing benefit is whether or not you are eligible to receive it. Generally speaking, as long as you pay rent and you’re unemployed or on a low income, this will not be a problem; however, there are cases when you may need special advice.

To make things clearer, by calling the housing benefit number, you can request information about special situations regarding eligibility. These include living in the home of a close relative, having more than £16,000 in savings or being a full-time student. Do you currently reside in a house with spare bedrooms? The amount you receive may be reduced; get in touch today to find out if you’re likely to be affected by ‘Bedroom Tax‘, introduced as part of the welfare reforms.

Of course, there are exceptions to the general rule, as well special cases when eligibility is not possible due to various legal issues. You can find out all about these when you contact housing benefit support and request specific information about which exceptions may apply to your case.

For building a solid case to defend your claims if you are not deemed eligible or your case is not quite clear, make sure you call the housing benefit contact number as soon as possible to inquire about your options. Appeals are often successful if you have a valid reason for your claim, which has been mistakenly overlooked.

Calling the Housing Benefit Contact Number: What People Ask

Given the importance of this particular benefit, you will not be surprised to learn that local councils and Jobcentre Plus, who administer the benefit between them, receive numerous requests for further information about it every single day of the week. While we advise people to call the Housing Benefit contact number if they require specific information relating to a claim, you may find the FAQ below to be of use if you have more general questions to which you are currently looking for answers. It contains some of the less specific questions that people ask when calling, along with the relevant answers.

Housing Benefit FAQ

For the very latest facts and figures, always call to confirm. However, if just want to get a better idea of your eligibility status and how the benefit is paid, take a look at the following frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Is There a Lower Age Limit? – While you may still be able to claim if you are under 35 years of age, you will only be able to do so for bedsit accommodation or a single room in a shared property. If you are 35 years of age or over, you can make a claim for rent whatever your living arrangements happen to be. So, in short, the answer to this question is both yes and no!
  • Are My Savings Considered? – The answer to this question depends on how much you have saved. Those with savings of more than £16,000 do not normally qualify for this benefit but if you have saved less than this, you should still be eligible. There is an exception to this rule though: those receiving Pension Credit or Guarantee Credit may be able to claim even if they have savings that exceed the previously mentioned threshold. With this in mind, it is a good idea to call the Housing Benefit helpline and ask for help if you are not sure.
  • What if I Live with Family? – If you are living in a property that is owned or rented by a close relative, you may not be able to claim Housing Benefit. If you are not sure what counts as a close relative, you should call the aforementioned contact number in order to discuss your specific living arrangements.
  • Can I Claim Housing Benefit While Studying? – If you are taking a part-time course, you may still be able to make a claim but if you are studying on a full-time basis, you will almost certainly not qualify for Housing Benefit. For a definitive ruling on what constitutes full-time study, you can of course use the contact number at the top of the page. It is worth noting that there are 2 important exceptions when it comes to full-time study and claiming this benefit: people who are disabled and people who have children. If you fall into either of these two categories, you may be able to make a claim even if you are currently enrolled in a full-time education programme.
  • What if I Already Get Universal Credit? – If you are already in receipt of Universal Credit, you will have been assessed for Housing Benefit as a component of this new benefit and will therefore not be able to make a separate claim. Universal Credit is designed to replace a number of existing benefits and as people move over to the new system, they will make one single claim that covers a variety of older benefits rather than several separate ones.
  • How Much Will I Get? – The amount of Housing Benefit you are paid will depend on a number of factors so it is not possible to say with any certainty how much you will be awarded. Some people can look forward to having all of their rent paid with this benefit whereas others may only be entitled to compensation for a percentage of the rent they currently pay. If you call the customer service number already given, you can talk to a Housing Benefit expert who will be able to tell you how much you are likely to be awarded.
  • What if I Have 1 or More Spare Bedrooms? – The amount you are awarded will be reduced, according to the number of spare bedrooms in your property. If you have just the 1, your benefit will be cut by 14% of whatever amount the council deemed was a fair rent for your property. Should your property boast 2 or more spare bedrooms, a reduction of 25%, on the same figure, will apply.
  • What Does ‘Eligible Rent’ Mean? – Eligible rent is the amount the council considers to be a fair amount for the property in which you are living. This figure will be calculated by considering rental rates for similar properties in the area, along with any features that may be specific to your home.
  • Are Children Expected to Share a Bedroom? – Whether your children will be expected to share a bedroom (a factor that could affect your benefit payments under the spare bedroom rules) will depend on their age and gender. Children under 10 are expected to share, regardless of their gender. Children between 10 and 15 are only expected to share if they are of the same gender. Anybody in your household who is 16 or over will be considered as an adult and therefore entitled to a separate bedroom if one is available.
  • What if I Have Unusual Living Arrangements? – Whether you live in a caravan, on a houseboat, or in a hostel where meals are included in the rent, you can call the helpline to find out what you might be able to claim. If you are in any doubt, make the call instead of guessing.

As mentioned above, you should always call the Housing Benefit contact number in person if you are looking for information on which you can rely 100% as far as its accuracy is concerned.