Universal Credit Contact Number

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Call the Universal Credit Contact Number

For enquiries about the new Universal Credit single payment available to people currently in search for employment, earning a low income or for any information on the eligibility and application process for making your claim, call the Universal Credit contact number on 0800 328 5644 . Lines are open from Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00.

What Is Universal Credit?

Launched in April 2013, it is a new welfare benefit geared to gradually replace six different tax credits and means-tested benefits. The ‘one payment fits all’ solution to benefits will be available in all Job Centres for all new single claimants from February 2015. It will slowly move to replace the following financial lifelines in most parts of Great Britain by 2015/16:

  • Income support, as well as income-based allowances such as jobseekers and employment and support allowance
  • Working tax credit and child tax credit
  • Housing benefit for all those eligible to receive assistance for rent payments due to low income.

Universal Credit Contact NumberThe concept behind Universal Credit is to offer financial help to claimants during their return to working life. In time, by gradually earning more, your Universal Credit payments will reduce. Also, even if you are on a lower income, many of the benefits received will not be taken away.

How much will I receive?

The amount you receive depends on individual circumstances and the DWP will offer support in the form of training courses and they will help you find a job if needed throughout the duration you claim Universal Credit. Below shows a summary of how much Universal Credit you can claim.

Circumstances Universal Credit Monthly Allowance
Single and under 25 £251.77
Single and over 25 £317.82
Couple and under 25 £395.20
Couple and over 25 £498.89

Alongside the standard monthly allowance you receive you may be eligible for extra depending on your circumstances.

Circumstances Extra Monthly Allowance
1 Child £277.08
2+ Children £231.67 (per child)
If you have a Disabled Child £357.78
If you are Disabled or have a Health Condition £126.11 to £315.60
If you care for a disabled person £150.39

By calling the Universal Credit contact number on 0800 328 5644, you can receive comprehensive information on issues related to these benefits, learn about the process of applying online or find out whether or not you are eligible to make a claim.

When it comes to eligibility, personal information regarding your place of residence and employment status are the most important criteria. Once you submit a Universal Credit claim, additional questions will also be asked to establish whether or not you are eligible and how much financial help you qualify for.

When calling the Universal Credit phone number, you will receive valuable support regarding a variety of issues and considerations concerning what this benefit can provide you with whether you are currently looking for employment or earning a lower income.

What you need to know about Universal Credit

The purpose of Universal Credit is to offer extra support to those in employment to ensure that you are better off in work than out of work and to help those who are currently unemployed, find work.

How do I claim?

If you want to know how to claim Universal Credit, you should first check to see if your local Job Centre is accepting applications. Once you’ve verified this, you can apply online or give the team a call on the claims number listed above.

Am I Eligible for Universal Credit?

By getting in touch with the customer service team on the above Universal Credit phone number, you’ll be able to find out whether or not you are eligible to make a claim and discuss further details about your case with a professional who understands the current guidelines and regulations associated with Universal Credit claims.

Moreover, through the Universal Credit contact number, you will gain access to additional insight on what the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) and HMRC hope to accomplish by streamlining the aforementioned benefits through the Universal Credit benefit. These may include the simplification of transitions in and out of employment, reducing the chance of errors and fraud to interfere with the system and the incentives that the new benefit will bring for employees and employers alike.

Basic criteria that the Department Work and Pensions ask for in order to make a claim include:

  • A single person living in England
  • A couple living in certain areas (check with your local job centre to see if they are accepting applications)
  • You are over the age of 18
  • Don’t have savings over £16,000
  • You mustn’t be in full time education or currently attending any training courses

If you live with a partner you will be asked to submit an application together as if one or both of you are in employment, monthly earnings will need to be taken into consideration.

You will not be eligible to claim Universal Credit if you currently receive Job Seekers Allowance, income related ESA or incapacity benefit.

How will I be paid?

The days of collecting payment slips from the Job Centre are no more. Universal Credit will usually be paid directly into a bank account or building society on a monthly basis. A single payment will cover all of the separate benefits you may have previously received and, if you are claiming as a couple, you will be paid into a single bank account.

You should receive your first payment 6 weeks after your application has been approved, you will also receive a statement around the same time which will outline how much you will receive and when you will be paid.

If you find you have any changes to your personal circumstances whilst claiming Universal credit you will need to inform the DWP as soon as possible to prevent your Universal Credit being stopped or reduced. Changes may include; a change in address, a job, your bank details, an increase or decrease in housing rent or falling ill etc.

Will I need to sit an interview to be able to Claim?

Yes you will be expected to sit an interview in order to claim Universal Credit, if you live with a partner you will both be expected to sit separate interviews.

The reason you are required to sit an interview is so the DWP can get to understand your current living situation and employment status. If you are currently out of work they can help support you by finding any suitable training courses or jobs.

You will need to take the following documents with you to your interview;

  • Proof of identity (passport or driving license)
  • Proof of address
  • P45 (if applicable)
  • National Insurance number
  • Bank or building society account
  • Details of any other benefits you may be receiving
  • Payslips from work (if applicable)

Appeals and Further Assistance

The helpline will provide information on how to make further appeals to the DWP for the purpose of having your claim reviewed. An appeal may be recommended in case you are not satisfied with a decision reached by the DWP regarding your case. It may at least provide you with an explanation of the decision, as well as with additional insight about any further developments.

For access to more detailed information on the Universal Credit benefit, call 0800 328 5644 today to be connected with a member of the customer service team.

Universal Credit Postal Address

If you need to send any supporting documents for your claim, need to report a change to your application or would like to send in a written complaint you can do by sending any correspondence to the below address:


UC Post Handling Site B


WV99 1AJ

The best way to contact Universal Credit is by phone using the above number as most communication is done this way. You can also call the official Universal Credit number on 0345 600 0723 or if you need to use their text phone facility the number is 0345 600 0743. If you need to make a claim in Welsh you can use the Universal Credit Welsh helpline number on 0800 012 1888.

When you contact via phone they may refer you to your local job centre.